r e b e k a h ♥ (chuchotements) wrote in lladam,
r e b e k a h ♥

Adam sighting... IN MY ROOM!!!

So, I know that everyone is real jealous that I had an adam sighting. I mean, it was not from afar either. We're talking about an adam sighting in my ROOM! what?! that is crazy! Are you jealous? probably! you are like "whoa. why can't I have adam in my room?" This is what we here at the management of LLADAM like to call executive privilege. Anyway, I happened to get a picture of adam while he was here for all to enjoy. Doesn't he look cute! You can't even really tell in this picture! I would post more, but you all might go into shock! Look how in awe I am! insanity!!!

LLADAM president
Especially on Mondays
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