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out with meine kleine kartoffelsalat

at the enthusiastic request of gooseycluck, I bring you all this most recent Adam Encounter®. So, what with it being tuesday and all, Adam and I decided to get together. We've not seen each other in a bit, so it was like, hey we better see each other TODAY. In spite of the rain, it's a rare occasion that Adam is free to do ANYTHING! It's tough being a manager extraordinaire, hustlin' bunny fur to the good people of the greater Maryville metropolitan area. So, Adam came by in his newwy car (complete with keyless entry! are you jealous? don't lie. you are.) and off we went!

First we went to the mall because it tends to close early. Although we didn't find anything to buy, some nice items were seen and noted. After wandering the capitalist wasteland, we continued on to dinner. The initial rule was: no english except to the waiter. Good waiter guy. He hummed a little tune with me while grating cheese. That is prettttttty coooool! All in all, it was a very nice time. I saw a boy I went to high school with, and adam threatened to leave me at the restaurant, but I said I would just go home with said boy. Now, if you had seen this guy, you would not wish that I go home with someone like that! So! I was not left! YAY! Then the evening had to come to an end! :( But, I will cherish the memory!
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